Not a catchy title.  Not a catchy morning.  Not really feeling much energy and my laptop is acting up.  So this will probably not be very long.  Waiting on the last of the dogs to come in from outside.  They’ve gone out between cloud bursts.  It has turned bitterly cold here.

I had to updates on family members who are in the hospital when I got up.  Both are improving so I am very grateful for that.  Someone peed on my alphabet rug that is in the doorway to my office.  I’m pretty sure it was Stella.  Not sure why she did but there it is.

I did finally talk to my Dad who is living in Montreal.  It has been quite a few weeks.  It was good to sit and chat for few hours, even if he had a migraine.  Hopefully my suggestions helped him to ease the pain.

See what I mean?  Not sure if I am going to have any issues from unloading Chris’s truck yesterday.  Chris got his hand cut and I did a crouch, twist, angle and muscle tighten when one of the tables we were going to unload fell into the table we were unloading.  I think it glanced off one shoulder as I turned but I don’t feel much today.  My neck is a bit crampy but that could be how I slept.  This weekend we’ll find out if I did any damage.  I have running in town to do today.  I just want it over with.  I have to go into town again Monday for an appointment since I couldn’t get it all done today.

I’d better get going.  Thanks for reading.  I’m sorry it’s so meh today.  I may post again tonight.  Otherwise I promise tomorrow’s post will be better.

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