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Books and Books

One of the fun things I have found with having Goodreads on both my laptop and phone is that I can actually see all the books I own.  I am gradually going thru my shelves and using that wonderful scan feature on the app to list all my books.  And of course  whether or not I have read them.  I am proud to say I have read almost all of them.  There are the recent aquires that I have been loaned or given that I’ve not gotten to yet.  Or the ones that I put down for some reason (be it dislike of the book and contents or something as simple as I got another book I wanted to read more and plowed thru that first but forgot about this one).

I’m pretty excited to rediscover some of my books that I forgot I had but had read years ago.  Like Robert R. McCammon’s “Wolf’s Hour.”  That book was a well read copy that a friend gave me years and years ago. It was his favorite book and the main character was a lot like him.  He wrote a little inscription for me as well.  I’d forgotten about it until I was going thru the Halloween  section on Goodreads.  All my Anne Rice books I’ve collected over the years, including the autographed copy of “Interview With a Vampire.”  All my Egyptology books and archaeology and history books and my coveted Grey’s Anatomy that I finally got “on loan” from my Mom….   Good memories!

I’m constantly amazed at how many books I actually have collected over the years.  Shocked some days because I remember the ones that are still stowed safely beneath the house.  I need a separate building just for my books.  I have a shed that will be my gardening shed once the garage is built but there is a small voice in my head suggesting a library.  We’ll see.  As a garden shed I can move right in.  To store books a bit of work need to be done.  But I digress.

Between my husband and myself I don’t think there isn’t much we don’t have.  He is in the process of getting digital copies of all his books whereas I prefer the paper copies.  He reads as much as I do and I have quite the appetite for books.  Unlike me he will focus on one book at a time.  I tend to have many books going at the same time.  One reason is doing book reviews.  Right now I have two that I am reading.  Then I am bouncing between Stephen King’s “Needful Things”, “The Screaming Skull and Other Classic Horror Stories”, “The Art of Death” by Edwidge Danticat, and “The Price of Fear” by Joel Eisner (Vincent Price’s biography).  And let’s not forget the various writing books I have been delving into for about a chapter or two looking for inspiration.  I’m not sure how many books I’m currently reading according to Goodreads.

And I always have to have a book.  Lately I have leaned toward short story collections.  I can read a story in bed or on the go and get the complete story.  No cliff hangers.  That and I’m trying to get some inspiration to get back in to my short story writing.  I’ve been doing non-fiction for so long that I feel lost.

Well they are finally here to start work on putting up our new garage so I’d better go and check that things are tickety boo (I love that phrase!  Thank you Agatha Christie!).

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  1. Am so excited to see your blog. Glad you posted it so I could read it. Sounds like you’re having a good time being at home. Wishing you much success!

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