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Today’s Impressions

This could be short and sweet depending on whether or not the contractor shows up to start the garage.  He’s been putting us of for months now.  If he’s not here by 10am I will be making a not so nice phone call.  Not my fault it’s cold and wet.  You and your team should’ve been out here sooner.  Just sayin’.

I’m trying to think of something positive to write about today.  Sadly the first thing I saw when I got online was about the accident in New York that claimed the lives of 20 people.  I guess a limo shot thru a stop sign and hit an empty parked car.  Killed everyone in the limo and 2 pedestrians.

Chris and I had a good time watching a bunch of old Dean Martin Roasts on Amazon.  Laughed our butts off.  So many of them are gone now.  Sadly the younger generation missed some amazing people.  It was good to see them again. I’d forgotten about a lot of them.  Brought back some good memories for both of us.

A lot of heavy trucks going by but no one stopping.  Hmmmm.  And I’m not feeling all that great.  I’ve been staying up later to spend more time with Chris so my sleep is all out of wack.  I had planned on getting up at 8am to take the bike out for a spin but not only did I over sleep but it is colder than expected (I do have heated gear) and raining.  The wind seems to have picked up too.  A friend of mine in Ohio is enjoying weather in the 80s.  No, I’m not jealous at all!  The Weather App says it’s 54 out with possible thunderstorms this afternoon.  Joy.

Every time I stop typing one of the dogs pops their head up to see if I’m done.  They are so patient!   I am grateful they have gotten into this morning routine with me.  I don’t have to fight to get this done.  It can be hard enough some mornings to make sure I do this.  The two female Pitties are curled up in blankets on the loveseat behind me.  Dante is on the floor beside me.  Moose is across the room on the dog bed.

Well it is almost 10am.  He said 9 or 9:30.  I have given him an extra half an hour.  Time to go get something done with him.

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