Weather or not I can stay awake

Good evening all!  I normally do my blog first thing in the morning after the kids are fed.  And I was even up before 7am!  Sadly I got nothing extra done due to weather.  Storms started just before 7am so I got up with the kids and shut the bedroom door so Chris could sleep.  I got them fed and then we all hunkered down on the loveseat to wait out the storm.  Unfortunately we had a brown out and that messed with the internet.  It kept going in and out.  So I read some stories and wrote in my journal and on paper.  Now that the internet  is working (even though the spacebar seems to NOT be working) I am trying to get this done before I fall asleep.  I did write something for the blog but my eyes are too tired to try to type it in tonight.

More storms are rolling in for tonight so I’m not sure how much sleep I will get tonight.  And I can hear the thunder starting to rumble.  And I am getting more and more sleepy.  Normally the kids don’t care (Essie was the only one in a panic the last storm we had).  This morning everyone was freaking out.

It is unseasonably warm right now.  Almost 80F at 8:18pm.  I love it!  The sun was even out off and on this afternoon.  But now the storms are starting again.  Moose is in my office with me sleeping on the floor.  Everyone else is either in the living room or the bedroom.  I have the whole house open right now to watch the breeze (wind really) that is going thru.  It is wonderful!  But I am exhausted.  So stay tuned tomorrow for my post that you will either love or hate.  But it is my opinion.  I’ve listened to everyone else.  I may even add it to my other blog site as well.

Pleasant dreams!

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