I’m probably going to get a lot of grief for this post.  But I’ve heard everyone else’s opinion.  Now I’m going to give mine.

All this fuss about who did what to whom.  Really?  You pick now to say something?  It seems to that if roles were reversed you would be yelling it was unfair, you were being railroaded because you’re a woman.  Oh wait, you ARE doing that!

Don’t get me wrong, women need to speak up.  They don’t deserve to be walked on, raped or taken advantage of.  NO ONE DOES.

How many men have been physically and/or mentally abused?  How many of them speak up?

Women are turning themselves into self proclaimed martyrs.  Poor defenseless woman!  Bullshit.  I’ve watched bad moms get custody of kids just because they cried a few tears to a judge about some argument they may or may not have had.  The father  was more than able (and more than willing) to take the kids and care for them but because the kids ALWAYS need their moms the dads were kicked out of their lives.  And in the two cases I’m thinking of the moms were drug users who were magically clean for court days.  It didn’t matter how many witnesses the dad brought forth the mom was always in the right.

I guess I’m just sick and tired of good men being railroaded because they are men.  Women pull that shit and don’t get so much as a slap on the wrist.

Women are not always right.  Men  are not always wrong.  It’s turning into one big witch hunt again.  People seem to automatically side with the woman, it doesn’t matter if she’s lied before or is a bad person.  She is female and they have been put down by men long enough.

If you want equal rights ladies that means EQUAL FOR EVERYONE.  Not tipping the scales in the opposite direction because “it’s about time for men to get payback.”

No one wants to hear the mans side of it because their mind is already made up.  He’s a man therefore he is in the wrong because a woman would NEVER make up fake rape charges.  Again I say bullshit.  And before you start yelling  I have been raped so I do know what that is like.  I know the anguish and the silence.

Women need to stop playing the victim because they can’t get what they want.  Women complain about how men treat them and then empower them to do so.  I think enough women and men today are parents  and should know how to teach their kids respect and to do the right thing.  How about showing them by example?  Treat others as you would want to be treated.

It’s not a perfect world.  You are gonna get hurt.  But treating others right will make the world a lot better place.

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