Classic Horror

What is it about the old horror movies that make them so good?  We have so much more “stuff” to put in them now.  But maybe that’s it.  We put in too much stuff.  Don’t get me wrong.  I still tear up when they first meet the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.  But the old movies are… are what?  Classic?  Representative of their time?  Timeless?  All of those but so much more.  I will happily get lost is an old horror movie from the 1930s.  A simpler time.  We might be too sophisticated for that to happen now but in their timeframe all that stuff about ghosts and mummies could be real.  I like to let it all go and be scared.  Like going to the fair and going to the haunted house.  It might be simple jump scares but they are effective.

Going to haunts this time of year can be especially fun.  If you are like me and watch horror movies like you should drink water it can be especially fun.  Suddenly you ARE the horror movie you watched last Saturday night.  There’s a guy walking behind you dragging a pick on the ground.  You stop.  He stops.  You take a step.  He takes a step.  Facing him you start to back up.  That’s when he lunges at you.

I love to read the old ghost stories as well.  I am a HUGE fan of authors like Stephen King, Richard Matheson, Caitlin R. Kiernan, and Joe Chianakas.  But my comfort reading is H.P. Lovecraft and old gothic tales.  I can get lost in those stories and forget my cares.  They are from another time so I am not reminded of things that my be worrying me now.  I want to believe the thump in the other room was a ghost.  Has to be.  All four dogs are in bed with me.  Doors and windows are locked.  Aren’t they?

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