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Movin’ Along Lickity Split

Wow!  I woke up to a great gift!  I belong to a writing site (Writing.Com a great site if you are a wittier) and I have the free membership.  I have been working on the blogs and my reviews but I am making it a point to get more involved in the writing community.  So I get on Writing.Com everyday and do some interaction.  I might review a piece someone has written or I might just comment on something in a forum.  It’s fun.  Well this morning I get up and get on the site to find that someone has gifted me a six month upgraded membership!  How cool is that?!  I had tears in my eyes.

THAT is one of the reasons I rejoined that site after being gone a few years.  The support.  You forget that even the most agoraphobic of us needs outside support of some kind.  And, no offense to friends and family support, that means a lot.  People you don’t even know helping you toward your goals.  You expect friends and family to be there in some capacity for you.  Not complete strangers.

And with that outside support I am gonna do my best work.  So today I am gonna do a new story on the site.  I am tempted to start a blog there a well.  Maybe that will specifically for writing topics… See?  the wheels are already turning!  Sigh.  This is AWESOME!!!

So feel free to support someone you don’t know follow their dreams.  Even if it’s just a kind word or a pat on the back.  You don’t know the huge amount of good your one small gesture can do.  It can be the thing that lights the fire to get that person going lickity split to their dreams and beyond.

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