Feeling Better

Things are better today.  Money will be coming in and I can still use this time to write.  Things are shaping up with the garage.  That will be started either Monday or Tuesday.  I was able to get the medicine for the kids as well.  I have done all my running and can stay home for the rest of the day.

I made Star Wars waffles for the husband for breakfast.  I need to switch out dishes and make puppy treats as well.  The treats are way past due.  They aren’t that hardtop make but the motivation is hard to find.  Especially since I don’t go anywhere so I don’t have to have them when I leave.  But the kids have been very good and patient with me.  They deserve something.

Stopping my Mom’s every few days seems to make her two pups happy.  They normally don’t play much but when I was there this morning they were happily bouncing each other and growling at each other.  Mom was happily surprised.

My four are asleep in various places.  I guess I threw the ball and Frisbee enough to tried them out (thank goodness!).  That means I will get a short reprieve while I am doing this and if I seem bust to them.  As soon as I stop typing or stretch they will be back at me to play.  Which isn’t bad as it keeps me busy as well.

My stomach is reminding me I need to eat something.  So I guess a sandwich and back to my review books.  Once I have done a few pages in each I’ll let myself either read my fiction or maybe some old horror movies.  I found quite a few gems on Amazon Prime to watch.  I’m hoping to have enough to be able to eek out a few extra dollars a month to get Shudder.  The selection is AMAZING!


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