What have I done? :)

Well.  My journal just seems so small for this.  I am a writer because I have to be.  I haven’t published much lately.  Lately being years sadly.  But I have blogged and journaled.  I am also an avid (some might say “rabid”) lover of riding and motorcycles.  That being said I tend to ride more and verbally talk with other riders instead of writing about it.  The few blogs I have done on riding have pretty much been ignored.  I am a big girl.  I still have my bike and she loves me…  Actually both do.  I include my husband’s motorcycle since I ride her too  🙂

So.  I was approached this evening/morning to try Periscope.  This is apparently something put out by Twitter.  I do not “tweet” nor am I a “twit” as I like to call them.  I am much too wordy.  But I was approached by a friend to do it as part of an all female riding group.  (Ladiesletsride.com)  Yes, shameless plug.  It’s a really awesome group for female riders of all ages, rides, experience etc.

   So I try to follow directions and do a “test scope” as it’s called.  Feeling like a fool (I wasn’t up for showing my messy office but I could not figure out how to switch the camera around so I filmed my new helmet while saying,”Test scope.”).  After consulting with my friend I decide to try again.  This time with a bit more sucess.  I manage to switch the camera around and don’t look like a complete hag (it’s well after midnight now).  So I do a short and sweet “test”.  Well now people are typing their little messages and I find myself answering them!  Good grief!  I realize my peril (not only am I the only one awake in the house but I need to be up in the morning) and nip things in the bud. For a little over half a minute I had nine people total following me.  One said I was a natural for that medium.  Gods help us all!

   So here I sit writing this trying to lull myself back to my sleep stage.  I have said I will do a few more videos (or are they legitimate scopes now?) with me and my motorcycle tomorrow.  We’ll see how they go.