Writers are people too

It’s hard to remember after reading a riveting short story or finally finishing that book you couldn’t put down (at 4 am and the alarm goes off at 6 am).  It’s hard to remember that the person who wrote that little piece you just finished (no more late nights!  But what’s that in the corner?  A pile of blankets…. Gotta be.  Right?) might be a fear genius but is still a person.

It both amazes me and boggles my mind that I can call some of these magnificent minds of imagination my friends.  I am a fair writer (I need to stock up on well water and chair glue… Writers will get that 🙂  ).  But to actually interact with them…. They laugh, they cry, they snort at a good joke…. They may even idolize that same writers I do!

So a thank you for being people, being approachable…. And most if all being an inspiration!