I’m taking the bike to work today. This might not seem like a big deal for someone who is passionate about bikes like myself. But it is when you are constantly second guessing yourself and not trusting yourself like I do. There are days when I purposely will look for an excuse NOT to ride because I don’t believe in my riding abilities.
But then I see videos that my friends share of themselves or others with disabilities who are out there riding. Two that I can think of race competitively on track.
Today I sat and watched some of those videos (one racer is paralysed from the waist down and another is missing an arm and leg on the same side). As I watched those videos I thought to myself of how much harder it would be to ride with my fears if I was in their positions. The racer missing an arm and leg is currently in Mugello, Italy racing that awe inspiring track. The other racer is dirt track. DIRT track. As much as those guys use their feet and legs to turn etc….. And did some jumps.
Both these guys are amazing! If they can overcome not just their mental fears but their body’s limitations as well then surely I can push myself a little harder to conquer my fears.
So thank you to all the riders and racers out there who continue to ride and race despite challenges that we may or may not see. You inspire some of us to keep pushing.

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