As I sit outside and enjoy my afternoon it makes me think of all the good things. Simple things like not being at work, doing what I want, be outside in actual summer weather…
But there is more too. The unconditional love and support of family and friends (some of my friends I have not even met yet), the love and patience of my fur babies (because I know I don’t play with them as often as they’d like). Patience with myself and trying to know when to push myself both on and off my bike. Gratitude for the beauty that surrounds me in my yard (the grass may be way long but my plants and flowers are beautiful! And the wildlife that comes everyday… Hummingbirds, dragonflies, chipmunks , our resident frog to name a few).
And the powers that be gently throwing challenges my way like my forensics and paleontology classes. Things that I can push myself with but if things don’t work out it was still an experience.
You don’t think you make a difference in the lives in other people. You just try to do the right thing . It’s nice to learn that you really can and do make a difference by just being yourself. A simple thank you, a birthday card or even just a hug.

I know this is a lot of general rambling. I guess what I want to say is thank you. Thank you for caring. Thank you for reading. Thank you for the opportunity to give my two cents.


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