Oh Whaaaat a Beautifullll Mooooorningg!

   There is not much that will make me almost crack my face smiling when I get home from a long day at work.  Happy pups and my husband are a given.  HOWEVER.   When I pulled in the driveway after work and saw…. TWO motorcycles parked on the bike pad my face split in happiness!
   I did take care of the dogs but as soon as everyone had taken care of business in the yard I hustled them in and grabbed the battery for my bike.  Due to circumstances the batteries had to be left in the bikes and even though both had been charged (we hoped) in anticipation of this happy day I still wasn’t sure that she would start.
   Out I went.  Ironically I grabbed the wrong set of keys on the way out the door and did a quick backtrack.  I have nuts on my battery terminal that have gotten too small for the bolts to screw into without rotating everything.  I was hoping that I could keep it tight enough to keep a connection to get her started.
   Hooked the battery up as best I could and plugged in the key.  A quick turn brought on the lights.  Yay!!!  Then I turn the ignition on and hit the start button.  Everything went dead.  Damn.  But I was so elated that the bikes were out it did nothing to blemish my absolute happiness of the moment.  I tweak the battery connection and tried again.  And she turned over!  Wheee!  But did not catch.  So I patiently coaxed her for the next few minutes (prayer the battery  would be OK) and LO!  My baby rumbled to life!  It was a soft rumbling purr at first then as she warmed up her natural husky voice came thru.  Ahhhhh!  Bliss!!!!
   Call me a girl but I had tears in my eyes I was so happy.  And I’m sure the neighbors enjoyed my happy dance, yelling, and fist pumping.  And I smell awesome for the rest of the night.  Bike exhaust!  Ahhhh!


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