Trying to keep it together

   Today is my grandpa’s 95th birthday.  Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of his death.  Things have been rough with me lately with too much going on, too much expected of me.  Both from myself and others.
   I finished my marine biology class Monday.  I am both sad and relieved.  I was learning so much but it was getting more and more difficult to keep up with both classes and work.  I am still doing archaeology but since I have gotten sick it has made it harder to want to do anything.  And work is becoming overwhelming with the amount of things I am expected to do let alone the limited time allotted.
   On the drive home yesterday I had to wear my sunglasses.  Being in the sun helped much more than I thought possible.  I actually played with the dogs for a good half hour or so before I got too tired! 
   I am so weary of both being sick and things at my job.  I am exhausted all the time and fight not to be crabby because I don’t feel good.  Yes things could be worse but that does not help me with my current struggle.
   I am very blessed to have family to come home to and who take care of me.  And who accept me even at my worst (at least so far. 😉 ).


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