May have bitten off too much….

   So I was cruising pretty steady with my marine biology course.  A bit hectic some days but it was all getting done on time.  But I still had my archaeology course to do.  I signed up for that first.  Marine biology was a last minute jump in.
    Today is the first day of both classes together.  Got all my stuff together and sat in front of my laptop to watch some of my lectures.  Laptop freezes.  Repeatedly.  So I download the videos.  First two were good.  I even laughed a bit.  Then no sound.  Try watching it a few different ways but my laptop freezes some more.  I skip that lecture.  It’s only two minutes anyway.  Next lecture very good!  I enjoy it.  Next one.  No sound again.  Then the laptop completely locks up.  Much swearing ensues.  All four dogs try to kiss me and make it better.  This helps but I am still frustrated.
    My Kindle Fire is missing.  I have torn the house apart (as well as my car) to try to find it.  Gone.  Whhheeessst!  Without a trace.  So.  That leaves my phone.  How bad can it be?  A little small to be sure but hey!  It’ll work in a pinch!  Ha!  Phone might work but the internet provider (Charter if you are interested) has given us very crappy service since we dropped their cable and only kept the internet service.  So.
    I am going to (hopefully) post this blog and go to bed.  I have tomorrow off and hopefully internet will cooperate so I can try to get some of my class work done.  Please let this work!

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