Me and Animals or Animals and I

   I sit here in the quiet of the house my
mind and heart afraid and hurting.  I checked my Facebook feed earlier and it seemed to contain mostly animal (specifically dog) abuse.  There is even a page dedicated to “The Death of Dogs” (in French).  A friend showed me the site and I reported them but Facebook says they are ok.  Despite their banner is a group of people kicking a dog.  Why?  Why do humans do this?  I cannot understand. 
   I am one of those odd individuals that connects more with animals than I do with people.  I trust animals.  People I do not.  When I see any abuse of animals I physically and mentally hurt.  It feels like it has happened to me.  Yes I am weird and I cannot explain it other than empathy.  Probably too much but there it is.
   Pit Bulls are a big passion for me.  I cared but once I got my first Pitty it was game on!  So now when I see all the hate and hurtful things said and done to Pit Bulls I think, “That could be my baby!”
   Humans are not top of the food chain.  They are not the be all end all for the planet.  We haven’t even existed very long!  The only thing we can call our own is mass destruction.  Only Mother Nature can out do us for that title.  And that is sad.
  Sometimes I wonder if humans are just a poison.  I look at the unconditional love I get from my animals and wonder how someone- anyone- could hate animals.  No not all are loving and caring.  But you also don’t treat a wolf like a pet dog!
   I have been treated better by animals than I have humans.  They have earned my respect.  They have earned my love.

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