Well this morning we woke up to -19°F!  Gah!  I hate this stuff!  The dogs don’t even want to go out!  The Pitbull is the hardest to get outside because she is a sun bunny like her momma.  🙂
   I have the day off but I am afraid to use it lest I squander it.  My next day off is a week from today.  I was not a happy camper when I saw that.
   Have you ever wanted to do nothing but still get everything done?  That’s what I’m doing today.  And I have noticed that I’m easy to anger too.  It’s like I’m too high strung.  The little things seem to make me the most angry.  I’m not sure what to do.  I try to not let things get to me but I am wound too tight.
   The Pitty wants me to just love on her all day.  🙂  I have to keep my four dogs quiet because my husband works nights.  Some days are easier than others.  For the most part they are a good bunch of babies.  Could not imagine my life without them.
   My Pit-lab mix, Moose, is too smart.  He has figured out how to open the sliding glass door.  We usually leave their collars on the handle so if the door is not locked he will pull on the collars to open the door.  He can open it even if the collars are not on the handle.  He also knocks on the door to go in or out and will jingle the collars to let me know he has to go out.  🙂
   The Black Lab mix, Dante, is loving this weather.  He hangs out in the backyard and makes snow angels.
   The last of the crew is the American Bulldog, Seven Minions.  The previous owners named him Seven (he had seven black dots on his nose as a pup…they have since come together to form the continent Africa) but I called the dogs my Minions and he started to think it was his name.  The name does fit though!
   All four are quite the bunch of characters.  They keep me going since I don’t get to see the husband much.
   Guess I’ll end this here and try to pull out another piece of writing to work on.

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