I’ve decided to write on my days off for my blog.  That will give me two days a week.  🙂
   Fear seems to be rearing it’s ugly head again.  And all my most pressing fears are of me messing up.  With my motorcycle me messing up and looking like an idiot or getting hurt/hurting someone else.  Same with driving on
snow and ice.  Going back to school for archaeology I’m afraid to fail.  Writing is a fear of failing.  Which I am doing by not writing.
   I had a bad experience with an editor when I was doing reviews.  I had worked with this editor for a few years at this point.  I wrote a review in a rather fun quirky style.  He said it wasn’t good.  Not what he wanted.  I wrote another version (I didn’t like it) and he became more and more nit picky.  We parted ways soon after.  About a year later I happened across a review in said magazine.  My original review no less.  And no it was not my name on the by line!  The irony is I had no proof because that laptop had bricked itself and my back up discs were missing.
After that I haven’t done any serious writing.  I’m scared to.
   That I think is enough for now.  I’m feeling a bit raw.

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